Kendall Shew

Position: President
Employer: VELOX Media
Fun Fact: I’ve played drums professional drummer and have toured!


Kari Stark

Position: 1st Vice President
Employer:  KTVB
Fun Fact: 


Meg Andersen

Position: 2nd Vice President
Employer: Gray Television/ KNIN FOX9
Fun Fact: I am farm girl! I grew up in sweet corn fields in the summer and now have a small herd of animals at home… 11 to be precise.

Zoe Zax

Zoe Zax

Position: 3rd Vice President
Employer: VELOX Media
Fun Fact: I played waterpolo on an international level in college and am training for my first bodybuilding competition!


Lindsey Raaker

Position: Communications Director
Employer: Mitchell Palmer
Fun Fact: I am obsessed with dogs! I probably follow more dogs on Instagram than people, not even a joke. One of my favorite hats to wear says “Tell your dog I said hi”


Jill Smith

Position: Secretary
Employer: Drake Cooper
Fun Fact: I enjoy spending my free time doing something outdoors with my family like hiking!



Lauren Tyler

Position: Events Director
Employer: CBH Homes
Fun Fact: I'm a published author!


Pam Smart

Position: Design Director
Employer: PromoShop, Inc
Fun Fact: I lived in a treehouse for a summer when I was 10.

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Jessica Holmes

Position: Education Director
Employer: CLM Marketing
Fun Fact:

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 10.46.56 PM.png

Rebecca Patrick

Position: Membership Director
Employer: Drake Cooper
Fun Fact:


TOnya Bloedel

Position: Rockies Awards Show Director
Employer: Senestre Creative
Fun Fact: I am going to be co-writing/illustrating a children’s book.

Cecilia Gracida

Position: Rockies Judging Director
Employer: CBS2 / Sinclair Broadcasting, Inc.
Fun Fact:

Erin Trimble

Position: Bookkeeping
Employer: Idaho Medical Association
Fun Fact:


Stephanie Norell

Position: Chairman of the Board
Employer: Drake Cooper
Fun Fact: