Employer: Drake Cooper

Backstage Pass Internship


Drake Cooper’s Backstage Pass is open for applications for 2017 and this is your chance. With your Backstage Pass, you join the ranks of the hardest working team assembled since the A-Team and we don’t expect you to drive a van. You’ll be working with peers to create strategic and creative work for real clients. You’ll get a taste of every aspect of advertising from some of the best in the business. You’ll learn a lot about yourself in a short amount of time. Real world skills to find out if advertising is for you or if you should join a Hanson Brothers tribute band (it’s certainly the more profitable career choice). You’re going to work hard, stay late, work harder, come in earlier, be miserable and love every second of it. One thing is certain; you’ll have a resume that kicks the competition to the curb. 


  • Sound Check. Every Wednesday, there is a meeting and workshop that teaches a facet of the business.
  • Brief. Every other week after the Sound Check, a brief will be assigned to the group. Interns will split into two teams and each group will have one week to come up with the best concept to pitch to the agency.
  • Presentation. The team will pitch their ideas internally. Stand up to Q & A. Answering feedback. If it’s worth an encore, you’ll pitch your idea to the client, live. No net

Don’t be a jerk. We have a pretty rigorous code around here, and being ambitious, kind, honest, creative and innovative are big with us. Going first, failing first, standing up and debating for work that gets results is what we do. That might not be you, that doesn’t mean you won’t do well, you just won’t do it with us. 

Also, we’d like to see:

  • Graphic Design or Animation
  • Copywriting or Content Production
  • Project Management
  • Photography or Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Email or text marketing
  • Wordpress
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript


  • Pay. Contract basis $12 per hour
  • Hours. 25 hours per week
  • Letter of Recommendation. A letter of recommendation and/or introduction from the team leader and Jamie Cooper, CEO for all the Backstage Pass holders at the end of the season.
  • Access. We are busy and successful because we sincerely believe in nurturing young adlings so they can spread their wings and move out of their cars or parents’ basements. The interns will have open access to the agency, employees, and the kombucha keg during their time at Drake Cooper. If you’re hungry to pull back the curtain and see the mess that makes the music, we’re glad to share what we know.
  • School Credit. If you are still in school and are looking for credit, this program qualifies for most institutions. Make sure you let us know in the interviews and we’ll work on that.
  • Networking. It’s mutual and we’ll be glad to know you for a lifetime.



We are in the business of creating things. Ideas. Products. Services. And we’re passionate about building stories and connecting people to brands. We derive meaning and motivation from the work we do. 

We are not bound by the industry we are in, and we go to extraordinary lengths to create and invent. We value the unique, distinctive and the free spirit that comes with our world. And in an industry that has no rules—we make up our own—with the simple goal that our work makes a difference. 

No job here is small, and the big-hearted and enthusiastic find a home among us. We build brands for the ambitious because we ourselves are ambitious. 

Best Places to Work - Outside Magazine

Top Shop in Idaho - Adweek 2013

We Build Brands. 
Clients hire us to increase sales. That is the ultimate measure of their success and ours. 
Our job is to influence. We build and execute strategies that create conversations with our audience and engagement with the brand. Tactics come and go, but with solid strategy comes real business results. 


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The Application deadline is Monday, April 7th.